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           I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with you, train you, and teach you to love the great game of baseball. To really enjoy any sport, you need to learn to play the best you are able to play. If we as a team are going to have the chance for everyone to do their best, we need to have some rules.          

            - Listen when a coach is talking

            - Coaches  have the last word (NEVER talk back)

            - No profanity or name calling (EVER)

            - No heckling other team’s players (team pride means actions speak louder than words)

            - I expect TEAM SPIRIT (encourage each other)

- Everyone has an important part to play on the team (whether you’re on the field or on the bench)

- You must be present (on time) at all practices or call a coach to be excused)

- You are RESPONSIBLE for your uniform, your equipment and YOUR ACTIONS.

- Success in baseball (and most anything else) is a result of

            A. 5% NATURAL ABILITY

            B. 5% LUCK

            C. 90% ATTITUDE AND EFFORT

- We can’t do anything about A & B, but I expect you to work hard to IMPROVE so that you can do your BEST.


- If you have worked hard and done your best, YOU’RE A WINNER, no matter what the score is at the end of the game.

As a young person, you represent you family.

As a Little Leaguer, you represent the Murfreesboro Little League program.

As a Giant, you represent me.

I expect your ATTITUDE and ACTIONS to make all of us proud.

                                                                 COACH SHACKLETT

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